The Los Angeles Collective Vol. 1

The L.A. school is hard work. It’s struggle. It’s grinding. It’s never stopping till you take what you want. It ain’t New York intellectualizing. It’s real-life, fast-living, 95 on the 101, always hustling till you make it drive.

And of course every city has its hustlers. Every city has its dangers. And all the cities in the world can say they are the most real. But no other city promises so much. No other city leaves so much for you to decide.

In Los Angeles, it’s been said, you’ll rot without ever feeling it.

It’s no surprise then that the photographers we’ve interviewed get at the heart of what it means to be LA. It is a city meant to be photographed – without guise, without censorship. It’s a city that has its makeup running, its thick black mascara smeared, its paradise paved over.

It’ll be your heaven, your hell. And not to dismiss every other city in the world, but only a city this conflicted, this magnetic, this troubled, can produce work this great.

Whether you’re capturing the raw energy of its streets like Shawn Nee or even stripping its beauty bare like Tyler Shields, you’re ensnared in it. Covered in it. All pretense be damned.

If you want this, theirs is work to learn from. Work to inspire the best in you. This is the Los Angeles Collective. Our collection to present what Los Angeles is all about.


We’ve collected our favorite interviews with some of our favorite photographers in LA. These are the big-time showstoppers, the height of fashion, portraiture, and street photography. Photographers like the controversial and brutal celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, and risking-taking, in your face, street photographer Shawn Nee.

In here, you’ll find 10 adventurous and brilliant photographers talking about their work and how they get it done. You’ll learn how to combine landscape techniques with portraiture with Amanda Friedman. Learn how to always find the best natural light with Tom M Johnson. And learn to create the Hollywood-size spectacle with Benjamin Von Wong. This is immensely valuable work.

So come and join us in this beautiful, dark mess. Learn what it takes to make it in LA.

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Martin Lawrence

After many years as a keen amateur photographer, I decided to start a small landscape photography business called Lakescenes which I ran alongside my main job as an IT Manager. As business increased, I found myself working long, but rewarding, hours just to keep up […]

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Rob Sheppard

Rob Sheppard is a naturalist, nature photographer and videographer who says his favorite location is the one he is in at any time. He is the author/photographer of over 40 books, as well as a well-known speaker and workshop leader, and a Fellow with the […]

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Gary Hart

Gary Hart has photographed California’s natural beauty for over 30 years. Gary’s photos and writing have appeared in many publications, most recently Outdoor Photographer and Sierra Heritage magazines. You’ll also find his images in greeting cards, postcards, calendars, and many galleries and private collections throughout the world.

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Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Originally from Poland, based in London UK, Jaroslav has background in Fine Arts, degree in Architecture, and wide array of experience. Being an Architect taught him how to be resourceful and to solve complex problems with simple, yet innovative solutions. Constant passion for graphic & […]

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