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In a nutshell, at WeeklyFit.com, everything is about keeping you in tip-top shape. Every week, we will share new articles, how to’s and/or instructional videos that will help you reach the shape you’ve always wanted.

Our Mission is to be a reliable partner for all those who care about their bodies in terms of appearance and health.

Our materials are great for expert body builders, as well as for those who simply wish to lose a few pounds. We know that beauty is a relative term and that each of us may desire a different shape for our bodies. And we aim to help and motivate each and every reader, to help them reach their ideal state of beauty and health.

We are committed to our mission and we plan to deliver all of the above in a relaxed and funny manner. Sports should be fun and staying healthy should be cool. Thus, WeeklyFit.com will never bore you with complex medical articles – we only provide relevant exercising and dieting tools and information. Of course, all of them are 100% free.